Customer Satisfaction Survey


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How efficient would you rate the attention from our commercial team to your inquiries?

4.48 / 31 votes

How would you rate our response time to your orders / offers based on your expectations?

4.28 / 32 votes

Do you consider that the delivery time offered meets your need?

4.12 / 33 votes

Do you consider effective and efficient our compliance to the delivery time?

4.45 / 31 votes

Does our reaction to emergencies and program variations meet your needs?

4.48 / 31 votes

Does our labelling and packaging quality meet your needs?

4.61 / 31 votes

Is the technical support offered as per your expectations?

4.67 / 30 votes

The response to complaints has been effective and efficient

4.83 / 30 votes

Consider that the quality of our product meets your needs and expectations

4.83 / 30 votes

The design of our product meets your expectations

4.62 / 29 votes

How do you rate the image of our company?

4.79 / 29 votes

How would you rate the overall experience with our product and our company?

4.86 / 29 votes


Now better with your help. Thank you.