Integrated quality & environmental policy


DF Electric Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of fuses, fuse holders, transformers and commercialization of electrical equipment, has as main objective the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements and other requirements. To carry out this compliance, it relies on respect for the environment and concern for the health of external and internal people.

To develop this commitment, the management has been oriented to:

A) Continuously satisfaction the needs of our customers, be a faithful ally in the fulfillment of their requirements from the design and innovation stage, collaborating in the continuous improvement of electrical protection.
B) Promote respect for the environment and commitment to continuous improvement in environmental practices and prevention of pollution..
C) Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, reduce incidents, maximize profitability and reduce the environmental impacts and human risks.
D) Use this document as a basis for establishing objectives and goals set out in the different management systems.
E) Link to our suppliers in our processes to increase their capacity, reliability, respect for the environment and compliance with regulations on prevention and risks.
F) Ensure that our suppliers do not use illegal practices in the procurement of raw materials using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) as a declaration report.
G) Involve all DF Electric  staff in promoting commitment to quality, respect for the environment, risk prevention and teamwork, recognizing their progress and motivating them in the continuous development of their training.
H) The commitment and involvement of the Managing Director:
• The leadership and diffusion of all the objectives of the company.
• Global compliance with the Quality, Environment and Risk Prevention Systems
• Assigning the necessary resources for correct compliance.

The Managing Director ensures that its policy is known and assumed by all members of the DF Electric , and is also available for public consultation.