Environmental Performance Statement

Our integrated management system IMS has the purpose of developing a sustainable system within an efficient environmental performance. 

In order to carry out an effective and efficient environmental management, we rely mainly on the following axes:


  • Establishment and communication to interested parties of our Quality and Environment policy. 
  • Creation of an integrated environmental system together with our existing Quality system 
  • Identification and periodic evaluation of environmental aspects. 
  • Control of the environmental aspects detected through appropriate indicators. 
  • Carrying out operational control for all identified environmental aspects. 
  • Identification and protocols of emergency situations detected. 
  • Management of the waste generated.



To follow working on reducing pollution and improving the creation of an increasingly sustainable system, we are working in 2020 on the following environmental objectives:

  1. Establishment of DF ELECTRIC’s environmental requirements for all our suppliers and subcontractors. 
  2. Improve control and influence to be applied in outsourced processes. 
  3. Reduction of emissions to the atmosphere. 
  4. Reduction of consumption and generation of hazardous waste. 
  5. Reduction of electricity consumption. 
  6. Compliance with WEEE Directive and collaboration with the reduction of WEEE waste through the improvement of the collection, evaluation and recycling points.