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1500V DC
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About us

Who we are

DF Electric was created in the 80’s as a result of the concern of a group of professionals in the electrical sector. From the outset, DF Electric has represented the meeting point between the trust of our customers and suppliers and the motivation and hard work of the most highly  qualified professionals. Constant investment of resources in automation and modernization of production lines is what has differentiated our company from its competitors, as few companies of our size have developed their own manufacturing technology.

Why we do it

DF Electric is committed to quality management in each of the departments forming our company. The guidelines resulting from this policy boost the essence of our company: customer satisfaction. To achieve this we seek excellence in our products, based on requirements stipulated in the ISO standard 9001, RoHS and fullfilment of quality objectives, through continuous improvement in all corporate processes.

How we do it

In the R&D&i department we have a great professional team and cutting-edge technology and equipment to help us successfully achieve our mission. In particular, we have some of the most powerful and versatile computer design programmes available. Laboratory equipment enables us to carry out a large number of electrical and mechanical tests during development of our products and also periodical controls of those already in the manufacturing stage. This means we can always offer the customer top quality electrical material products.

Where we do it

The manufacturing process is underlined by the high technological level achieved and developed by DF Electric thanks to the constant injections of funds provided to the department. The production process is completely integrated in our facilities. We purchase raw materials that are immediately transferred to the automated production chain. The process consists of producing each part included in the final product up to output itself, in line with the strictest quality standards and applying the RoHS directive.