NH XL 1500V DC Fuse pullers

Replacement handle for NH fuse links

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NH XL 1500V DC Fuse puller

Replacement handle for NH fuse links size 1-XL, 2-XL and 3-L,
which may be used for live operations in systems up to 1500V DC.

All the materials are according to the European Directive RoHS
(Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical material).

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Installing or replacing of NH-fuse links is only allowed by instructed specialized stuff.

It is forbidden to leave NH-fuse handle permanently plugged in inserted NH-fuse links. Please use the handle only for installing or replacing.

If electric arcs can be occur or high voltages are to be switched, additional safety components such as protective screen or safety goggles are compulsory.

Before using the extraction handle and other safety components, make sure that they are in good condition


Do not operate under load



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