DF Electric. Approved Exporter

Nº ES/08/0609/16

Approved Exporters are entitled to make out origin declarations on their invoices disregarding any value limit and are also excepted from the obligation of signing such documents. For the trade in goods within areas covered by free trade agreements in which movement certificates EUR-MED and/or EUR.1 and origin declarations are foreseen they are therefore not required to fill in a movement certificate and make it validate by a Customs office.

Exporters who regularly export qualifying goods to preference giving countries may be authorized to dispense with the officially issued form EUR.1 and instead declare EU origin on an invoice or other commercial document. Council Regulation (EU) 1207/2001 of 11 June 2001 introduced a facility whereby an approved exporter in one Member State who frequently exports his products from another Member State may use his approval with exports from that other Member State.