High speed fuse links for semiconductors



high speed fuse links for semiconductors


Semiconductors are electronic components extremely sensible to overloads and short-circuit, therefore they cannot be protected with general purpose fuse-links. For this reason there are ultra rapid fuse-links for this specific purpose, with very fast melting characteristics, low let-through energy values (I2t) and adequate selective coordination with protection devices upstream. Made of ceramic tube with high withstand to internal pressure and thermal chock, that allow a high breaking capacity in a reduced physical space, as well as a good thermal conductivity. 

End caps are made of silver plated copper for optimal contact with fuse base. Melting elements are made of pure silver and have a special design to obtain low I2t values and reduced arc voltages, as well as good aging resistance. These fuse-links meet IEC/EN60269-1 and IEC/EN60269-4 standards and RoHS directive 2002/95/EC.