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Medium voltage fuse links for public lighting applications



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medium voltage fuse links for public lighting applications


Supply of public lighting systems in urban streets, roads, tunnels and motorways in low voltage cause some problems with voltage drop and high energy losses that lead to the utilization of high cross section of conductors when lines are very long. To avoid these invonveniences, supply networks at higher voltages are usually used (between 900V and 5500V AC) by means of special transfomers designed for this purpose that increase the voltage for transportation and reduce it in the destination at adequate levels. These distribution networks allow energy transportation at very high distances with installations more economic and efficient.

For protection of these networks in the medium voltage (MV) side it is necessary to use fuse links with adequate rated voltages. MV cylindrical fuse links range lighting applications from DF ELECTRIC comprise three sizes with dimensions 10×85, 10×150 and 10×180 mm, with rated currents between 2A and 12A, and rated voltages of 1500V AC, 2500V AC, 3200V AC and 5500V AC. They have a g breaking range (protection against overload and short-circuits) and are made with ceramic tubes having high breaking capacity and good withstand against thermal chock. Contacts are made in silver plated copper.